About Us

About Us

My name is Jessica and I am the CEO and President of my company, Jess Went Fishing Inc. I am an Ontario, Canada-based multi-species fisherman, spending most of my time targeting smallmouth bass, migratory salmon, and trout. The majority of my fall, winter and spring is spent on Lake Ontario and Lake Huron tributaries. One of my favourite fish to catch is steelhead (trout) and I'm really excited for the upcoming fall run!

Most of my fishing is done on centerpin gear but I will be targeting rainbow trout and brook trout with a fly rod throughout October, November and December. Conservation and safe fish handling is something that I really care about and I stand behind these principles when I am on the water.

I created my company, Jess Went Fishing Inc., because I am a passionate and dedicated fisherman who understands that the fisherman cares about 3 things: comfort, fit, and style. My company is unique because I design apparel, accessories and home goods that have the right touchfeel, and fit that creates comfortbut also the right look to achieve an amazing style that is so important to the fisherman but yet is unfortunately often overlooked in the design process of so many existing fishing apparel companies. Each product that you see in my store was carefully and thoughtfully designed solely and completely by me. I have put the same love, dedication, and thoughtfulness into the design and style of every single item in my store that I do into catching trophy fish when I am on the water.

At Jess Went Fishing Inc., we understand and represent the fact that us fishermen aren't just thinking about fish when we are on the water - we think about fish while we are at work, while we are out to lunch, and while we are hanging out with our friends. Each one of my products is unique and aligns with these principles and my passion (dare I say obsession!) with fishing and I am beyond excited to share my vision and obsession with you.

Each piece of clothing in my store is unisex and is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. At Jess Went Fishing Inc., we support inclusive sizing. For more fishing content and exciting updates about sales and promotions, find us on Instagram and TikTok @jesswentfishing.